UltraLight RGB LED Glowstick

UltraLight RGB LED Glowstick



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UltraLight RGB LED Glowstick
(Sold Individually (1) (You need 2 to Spin Poi or use this as a Replacement or Extra to your existing Set)
List Price: $19.95 (Individual)
$39.90 (Pair)
Ultralight: State of the Art LED glowstick with endless pattern combinations.
Details: Ultra Poi is proud to introduce our newest Professional LED product, the Ultralight! The Ultralight is the first LED glowstick ever to have independent top/ bottom mode control and custom color selection, not just preset colors! The Ultralight uses our dual micro-processor system to control 4 RGB LEDs offering full spectrums of color, superior brightness, and endless pattern combinations. Combine your favorite colors, modes, and options to create a lightshow that is amazingly unique to you.

Length: 131mm | Mass: 40g (with battery) | Diameter: 22mm
Batteries: Each Ultralight requires only 1 AAA battery (not included) and will run at full brightness for about 6-10 hours if using (NiMHs) high quality rechargeable or a standard Energizer/Duracell. Less run time will result from using low quality knock-off AAA batteries.

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