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Rave Clothing Accessories

Grab your favorite rave clothing accessories here my friends. Choose to mix up and style your outfit with everything from LED watches, animal and character backpacks, light up binkies, LED glasses, rave inspired jewelry and more. Enjoy your search for the perfect items to style your look.

EL Wire Kandy Purses BoomBotix
Choose from a variety of lengths, power supplies, colors and effects with our extensive EL Wire collection, enjoy my friends!
Hyper clean, hand made, super fresh Kandy Purses made by our very own Kandirella! Shes got magical hands as you can see, designing and creating works of art for you! Enjoy!
Boombotix loud speakers are available in wireless and wired models. Our speakers are compatible with iPod, iPhone, Android, MP3 players, laptops, & all other portable audio devices.
IXORA Watches Backpacks
IXORA features Fuzzy Cuddle and Fancy Feather fabric in sweet outfits just for you!  Items include hidden pockets to stash your stuff.  Take a look.  Let me hear from you. Have fun!


Turn heads with our dazzling selection of LED Watches that add futuristic, attention grabbing style.


Strut your stuff in style and complete your outfit with one of our character backpacks! We have everything from yoshi to winnie the poo, enjoy! Cookie Monster, cat in the hat, patrick from spongebob, spongebob himself, hello kitty, curious george, tinkerbell, superman, tigger, taz, spiderman, elmo, dora the explorer, bambi, and more!
Binkies Glasses Bracelets


Light up the night with these ultra bright and soft led binkie pacifiers!


Choose anything from our wicked led goggles, light up shutter shades, defractive fireworks glasses shutter shades, led stunners, cyber goggles, punk glasses, nerd glasses, checkered glasses, and more!


Accessories your wrists with these awesome glow in the dark bracleets, hand made kandy bracelets, fuzzy braclets, and more!
Necklaces Shoes Earrings


Accessorize your neck with anyything from our super bright pot leaf necklace, tunnel star necklace, or dazzling necklaces, enjoy!


LED Flashing shoe lacesare all the rage these days, get a pair while they last and shock your friends with some kick ass laces they have never seen before!


these dazzling earings are a great by for your special someone out there and are sure to make her smile.
Cuffs/Necklaces Lanyards

Kandy Necklaces

hand built and designed kandy necklaces are so clean and lightweight that not having one is just missing out.


Sport your favorite led light website by purchasing a Liquidemotions Lanyard, thanks for the support my friends!